Friday, 8 April 2016

POEM: 23 Reasons To Smile

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Twenty-three reasons to smile for Allah's sake:
One: Smile; it's Sunnah. Two: Smile; it's charity.
Three: Smile; thank Allah for another new day,
And for allowing you to do more good deeds.

Four: Smile because you're Muslim, on the Right Way.
Five: Smile; it keeps you shining each day and night.
Six: Smile, knowing Allah is with you always.
Seven: Smiling adds beauty without a price.

Eight: Even if some have done you any wrong,
Smile, knowing that God Allah is the Most Just.
On Judgement Day, all shall see where they belong.
Nine: Smile; rely on Allah and in Him trust.

Ten: Smile, as Allah chose you to read these lines.
One sign Allah loves you is gaining knowledge.
Eleven: If some won't listen, it's alright,
You have tried your best, good deeds still encourage.

Twelve: If you haven't traveled to far places,
Smile as you recall you're on a great journey.
We're on the same trip till we see Allah's Face,
So smile; on the righteous Allah has Mercy.

Thirteen: If some dislike you out of envy,
Or because the differences are a lot,
Smile; you're here to please none but Allah Only.
Allah's Love and Guidance are more than enough.

Fourteen: If some have left you out, don't worry.
There are special friends who await you up there.
Smile; just laugh at 'liars' who claim you're 'lonely'.
God Allah knows all well, and He knows what's fair.

Fifteen: If you're saddened by how they're so few,
How the good and believers are not many,
To be among the guided Allah chose you,
Smile, as you recognize the term 'VIP'.

Sixteen: If at times you wonder why not you,
Why won't you have the same gifts as so and so,
Smile; Allah's Justice and Wisdom are all true.
What His servants need most Allah Only knows.

 Seventeen: If you've lost relatives or friends,
Or was not given a chance to say goodbye,
Smile; in Paradise you can see them again,
Jannatul-Firdaus: best place where we unite.

Eighteen: If your marriage is not that perfect,
Or if on earth you haven't found a spouse yet,
Smile; note that Allah loves those who are patient,
Your special prize may be in Heaven instead.

Nineteen: If your room is not something special,
Or your house is not as grand as other homes,
Smile; we're Allah's servants, humble and grateful,
 Traveling to Heaven, more precious than gold.

Twenty: If fancy food you don't always eat,
Smile; remember those who have much less or none,
In Jannah is where all pleasures you can meet,
Allah does reward for good things said or done.

Twenty-one: If you think you have no talent,
No special skills, no beauty or something neat,
Smile; count your countless blessings, try, think again,
In so many ways you're helpful and unique.

Twenty-two: Smile; what goes around comes around.
Those who did you wrong will find their faults someday.
On Judgement Day truth prevails and lost is found.
It's a fact that most are misled and astray.

Twenty-three: You're lucky you're on the Straight Way.
Smile; talk to Allah the True Friend we must trust.
Do better than none but yourself yesterday,
You're okay, what matters most is Allah's Love.

May Allah the Most Merciful and Most Kind
Reward us for good deeds we do for His sake,
And may we meet Allah while at us He smiles,
For serving Allah in what we do and say. [Ameen.]

Include us and all Muslims in your good du'as brothers and sisters in Islam :)

May Allah Almighty make us among His righteous friends whom He will welcome in Jannatul Firdaus near Him and His beloved Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Ameen. (old youtube channel)
Mariam M. <3 Nomayri