Sunday, 29 May 2016

SONNET: Genuine Love Of A First Wife

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

My loving you dear husband Nomayri
Is unconditional, true and sincere -
A love so faithful, for Allah only,
I'm your first wife - loving you far or near.

Your work and weaknesses I understand,
Your busyness and tears I also know,
Your flaws at times are like a helpless man
On wheelchair yet my love for you still glows.

Such is loyalty - a gem so divine,
From your first who lets you wed up to four.
Thank you for sweet memories, good old times,
Lessons you taught like cooking, and much more.

Disregard lies the jealous say, and know -
On Judgement Day, truth and justice are shown.

"Marriage is not a joke to be played with or taken for granted. Marriage is a duty and beautiful unison of husband and wife, embarking on a journey to God Allah while learning from one another lessons to be shared with others. Marriage is a responsibility which Allah may question you about on the Day of Judgement."

Allah the Almighty knows best.

May Allah the Most Merciful forgive all our sins, accept all our good deeds and reunite us with our Muslim loved ones in Jannatul Firdaus near Allah and His noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Ameen.

Mariam M. <3 Nomayri AbdulWahab