Friday, 12 February 2016

POEM: The Adult Orphan Cries Too

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

On behalf of dear Muslims whose parents died,
Who lost a parent, their mom, their dad, or two –
As well as those who never saw their parents,
With truth I say, ‘The adult orphan cries too.’

Not a day goes by without me recalling
Sweet memories of my life spent with my folks.
Each time I speak to Allah I remember
My parents, and warm tears would begin to flow.

I miss the great dishes my dear Mom would cook,
And clothes she creatively sew now and then.
I miss my Dad’s speeches and wise advice, and
His wonderful car drives. I miss both of them.

Delivering their food as they reached old age,
Washing their clothes when I could – I miss that too.
I miss obeying them whilst they were alive,
Exchanging hugs, and telling them, “I love you.”

Allah took them by His Mercy, they’re gone now
But in my thoughts and du’as they’ll always stay.
To continue loving them: I’ll share their words,

Do charity, when I can, on their behalf,
 And treat well their relatives and friends they love.
Always I’ll supplicate for my dear parents
‘Till we meet again, next to Allah above.

I’ve learned how to sympathize with orphans more,
Ever since my loving parents passed away.
Tears of various feelings flow more than before,
With Allah’s Kindness, to have all sins erased.

Why do most good people struggle? One might ask.
One must take note that life is all kinds of tests.
Some problems train patience, others teach lessons,
And most lead to repentance or humbleness.

True peace and happiness are found in Heaven,
For Allah’s friends who worship Him sincerely.
Be with those whom Allah loves. Stick to Islam,
Though the believers may not be that many.

To those whose folks are living – you are lucky,
And those with one parent, you’re fortunate too.
Take care of them, help them do good deeds, give them
More love, before Allah Wills that they leave you.

May Allah Almighty forgive all our sins,
Accept all our good deeds, and reunite us –
May Allah unite us with our loved ones in
Jannatul Firdaus, amongst friends Allah loves.

Mariam Mababaya <3 Nomayri AbdulWahab