Wednesday, 17 February 2016

SONNET: On How To Be His Loyal Wife + Tips On Loyalty

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

So this is how I prove my loyalty
To my husband whom Allah chose for me:
His good acts I appreciate truly,
Along with our cherished sweet memories.

His flaws I ignore, though him I still guide -
Near or far keep dreaming he's at my side -
He's my dear spouse, while I'm his loyal wife -
Special - though to many not Mister Right.

I'll love him 'till Allah takes him away,
Remain rightly in love for Allah's sake,
Mention him in my du'as night and day,
Open doors of forgiveness, give him space,

And despite better choices I may like,
For Allah I stay as his loyal wife.

Mariam M. <3 Nomayri AbdulWahab

On staying loyal for Allah's sake:
1] Love your other half for Allah since the time you were engaged.
2] Be grateful for good things he/she has done to you, even if they may be few.
3] Don't count the times your spouse was sweet. Instead enjoy recalling sweet memories. 4] Even if your husband/wife has traits you do not like, they still have many positive qualities. 5] Never compare your love life to that of others, for each love story like yours is unique.
6] Remember your husband/wife in your du'as every night and day.
7] For their forgiveness and guidance to Allah pray.
8] Divorce is allowed but it is something which Allah so hates.
9] Give your husband/wife excuses and be that good to forgive their mistakes.
10] Lies, truth and justice will inshaAllah be revealed on Judgment Day.
11] About your spouse, whom you know well, never trust what the jealous say.

May Allah the Most Forgiving forgive us always. Ameen.