Saturday, 4 March 2017

POEM: Forgive And Unite As One Ummah

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful
    Love for Allah’s sake Muslims and family,
    Include each other’s names in du’as daily.
    True love is found in advising sincerely,
    Guiding to what’s right which brings serenity.
    Don’t let vile pride stop you from understanding,
    Nor let arrogance keep you from forgiving.
    Prone to err and forget, as human beings,
    All have flaws and reasons for every doing.
    Though improbable to get along with all,
    To stay polite with morals it’s possible.
    Put yourself in their shoes, understand their call,
    Recall no one’s perfect and impeccable.
    Tips to not hate those whom you must love: Listen.
    Pay attention to their side. Learn expressions.
    List good times you had and when you needed them.
    Forgive like you would long to be forgiven.
    Forgive for Allah’s sake the Most Merciful.
    Move on to meet relief and sleep whilst peaceful.
    Did you know, satan cheers when Muslims quarrel.
    Unite as one Ummah to win life’s battles.
    Allah the Almighty said, “So know (O Muhammad – peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that La ilaha ill-Allah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and ask forgiveness for your sin, and also for (the sin of) believing men and believing women.” [The Noble Qur'an 47:19]

    May Allah the Most Merciful accept all our good deeds, forgive all our wrongdoings, answer our du'as and reunite us with our Muslim loved ones in the uppermost level of Heaven Jannatul Firdaus next to Him and His beloved Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu alaihi wa sallam. Allahumma Innaka 'Afuwwun Kareemun tuhibbul 'afwa fa'fu 'annaa. Ameen.