Sunday, 31 December 2017

POEM: Allah Is With You. You're Not Alone.

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

A tribute for Allah's sake to my fellow lone wolves,
Sweet shoutout to remind these packs they are not alone,
Let them know they're 'independent', not lost, confused souls,
Inform them when they're solo they should remain headstrong.
Dear wolves, never rely on numbers but quality.
Your worth is not measured by your likability.
Don't think large numbers of 'likes' prove Allah loves you too;
Others' dealings with you don't define your true value.
I admire those Muslims who do Da'wah for God's sake,
Not after of the likes, not so some could validate,
Not for one's ego, but to please Allah sincerely,
They desire Allah's Pleasure, not popularity.
Only the insincere would guess they are showing off,
When in reality they work just for Allah's Love.
Sometimes these groups are found alone like strange 'ghurabaa',
As Allah's allies, they strive to uplift the Ummah.
They're far above sinful talks and evil companions,
In terms of Taqwa they try their best to be champions,
They're tough enough to do the wise thing which few can do,
And when the crowds are led astray, they choose to stay true.
Their good morals are too much for the mediocre.
Their honesty and frankness intimidate liars.
They're distinguished from others by their late night prayers,
Enjoining right, forbidding wrong, being brave leaders.
Lone wolves, you're not alone; Allah is always with you.
Note: God's Angels of Mercy supplicate for you too.
Keep calm knowing you're one of Allah's close friends scattered,
Jannah is where we can unite with God's supporters.

May Allah Almighty make us among His righteous friends whom He will welcome in Jannatul Firdaus near Him and His beloved Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Ameen. (old youtube channel)
Mariam M.