Monday, 11 December 2017

POEM: When Allah Answers Prayers

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Allah the Most Wise answered my du'as in strange ways.
When I asked Him for guidance, He got me wide awake,
Infatuated with seeking knowledge night and day,
Learning Islam and leaving sins I had to forsake.

When I asked Him for protection, He exposed ex-friends,
He guided me to recognize actors who pretend,
Who draw fake smiles on their negative vibes I can sense -
So God distanced me from companions with vile intent.

When I asked Allah for His forgiveness and mercy,
He gave difficulties that erase past evil deeds,
Caused me to meet jealous folks who betray and mistreat
So I receive their good while they gain all my misdeeds.

When I asked Allah to make me among those He loves,
He granted trials to train me to never give up,
Made me an outcast so it's just me and Him Above,
To self-reflect and change until I'm ready enough.

When I asked Allah to make my character better,
He taught me humbleness by showing those blessed with more,
Contentment each time I remember special others,
And patience through meeting those whose morals are lesser.

Alhamdulillah I fell in love with solitude
And selective silence when friends range from none to few.
Loyalty to my spouse too has raised in magnitude,
Along with good deeds done away from spectators' views.

May Allah the Most Just answer my du'as daily,
And join me with those who'll see Him in Jannah. Ameen.
Note: When Allah answers, His responses are timely.
Allah knows best how to make our dreams reality.

Allah the Almighty said: "O' mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you nations and tribes so that you may know one another [not to despise each other]. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is the All-Knowing and Most Acquainted with all things." [Qur'an 49:13]

May Allah Almighty make us among His righteous friends whom He will welcome in Jannatul Firdaus near Him and His beloved Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Ameen. (old youtube channel)
Mariam M.