Saturday, 17 January 2015

3 Poems: Dear Allah Please Forgive, Sorry To Every Muslim, What Goes Around Comes Around

Poem 1: Dear Allah/God Please Forgive

AstaghfurAllah – O’ Allah, forgive –
Forgive all my mistakes – the big and small –
AstaghfurAllah – as long as I live –
Please forgive me too when I leave this world –

The sins I did when I did intend them,
The sins I did which I thought were okay,
The sins that I did again and again –
AstaghfurAllah for all those mistakes.

O’ Allah, I am human – imperfect –
Prone to committing mistakes everyday.
The sins I did wrongly I do regret –
For Your forgiveness, O’ Allah, I pray.

“AstaghfurAllah” every day and night
        For the wrongs I did when I wasn’t right.       

Poem 2: Sorry To Every Muslim
To every Muslim I know and don’t know,
Whom I have offended in any way:
I’m sorry if there’s anything I owe,
Or if I’ve ever hurt you by mistake,

I’m sorry for any problem I caused,
For any arguments – if we did have –
Please forgive my forgetfulness and flaws,
Forgive if at you I have ever laughed,

I’m sorry if what I did I meant it –
If I did not mean it, I’m sorry too –
I’m sorry I acted like a ‘dimwit’,
Sorry to those I know and never knew.

Forgive – likewise, Allah will forgive you.
Forgive me please. May Allah forgive you too.


Poem 3: What Goes Around Comes Around

A few words of advice in this sonnet:
Don’t hurt, if you too don’t like to be hurt.
When bad deeds return, you might regret it.
So watch your deeds, and take care of your words.

Always know that from above you’re being watched.
On your right and left are angels writing –
Collect whatever good deeds you may lack,
To please God and meet Him while He’s smiling.

Avoid supplications prayed against you,
Especially those of righteous Muslims.
Beware of everything you see and do –
Know that on Judgment Day, you’ll be questioned.

Obey Allah’s Rules, and good you shall get.
                                              If you displease Allah, yours is regret.