Saturday, 24 January 2015

POEM: The Seven To Receive Allah's Shade On Judgment Day

It was narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said,
On the Day of Judgment, that Day all await,
There are seven groups who’ll receive Allah’s Shade,
That Day when God questions each one of His slaves.
May Allah make us prosper on that Great Day.

First, are those Muslims who get the chance to lead -
Whether parents with kids to care for and feed,
Or rulers who strive to meet their people’s needs -
Or teachers and bosses –they’re fair, without greed,
They’re never unjust, for they know Allah sees.

Second, are those Muslims who were brought up well.
Truth they love. Lies and gossip they never tell.
They’re busy doing good deeds –never idle,
At night, they’re known for praying Qiyaam Al-Layl,
They grew up avoiding sins that lead to Hell.

Third, are those Muslim men who love the masjid,
It’s like their second home where they’re near Allah,
There they pray their five salahs and more Sunnahs,
Recite from the Qur’an and say their du’as,
Their faces shine brightly with every sajdah.

Fourth, are Muslims who always greet with salaam,
Muslim friends who love each other for Allah,
Who advise and strengthen each other’s Imaan,
And include one another in their du’as,
Praying that they’ll meet again inshaAllah in jannah.

Fifth, are special Muslims who, in this dark age,
Remember Allah always and remain chaste,
Loyal to their spouses, know when to lower their gaze,
These Muslims never flirt –evil deeds they hate.
For Allah, they watch what they do, see and say.

Sixth, are Muslims whom Allah has given wealth,
Which they spend on things that make them close to Him -
On building mosques, Islamic schools, seeking ‘Ilm -
These Muslims you can always find them smiling,
Even a sincere smile –rewards it can bring.

Seventh, are Muslims whose love for God is strong,
That a thought of Allah can make them shed tears,
They long to meet Allah whom they love and only fear,
In their du’as, their tears wash away their wrongs,
Hoping that Heaven is where they will belong.

May Allah the Most Merciful make us among His friends,
Whom He will grant His special Shade on Judgment Day,
And whom He will welcome in Firdaus/Heaven near Him.

Written by Mariam Omar Mababaya
Wisdom Islamic School