Friday, 29 May 2015

POEM: Allah Is The Only Judge In This World And On Judgment Day

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

When you are fat, some think you have no control -
To others, you must be rich, food you can buy.
When you eat little, some insist you eat more -
Eat much - your greed, to others can't be denied.

When you smile a lot, fools may think you're just fake -
Yet when you frown, the same fools want you to smile.
Joke a lot, and some may think you're in fact sad -
Even more sad if you're serious all the time.

When you talk too much, you're being annoying.
Say nothing - and you anger some, just as much.
To look at someone as you speak is respect -
Yet to others, it's not good to stare or watch.

So as you look down, some assume you are shy -
To others, you're either rude or respectful.
Talking fast shows you're 'smart', to others 'nervous' -
Speaking slow - 'confident', to others 'doubtful'.

Nice words to people shows you care about them -
Yet to fools, compliments hide inside envy.
When you shop a lot, you're 'materialistic',
To others, you're caring for your family.

When your desk is clean, you're organized and neat -
To others, you probably don't work enough.
The sweeter you are, the more you like them - yet
To some folks, 'the more you hate, the more you love.'

From silly psychologists whose views differ -
When one tends to sleep a lot, it means he's sad.
For some, 'insomniacs are the ones depressed' -
What if both have thoughts or dreams that make them glad.

Notes to share: Alhamdulillah we're Muslims.
The ignorant think they can judge as they like,
To hide their obvious lack of wisdom, and prove
Their stupendous strangeness they won't realize.

Not here to please anyone and everyone,
We're here to please only Allah, the True God.
Each one is entitled to his point of view,
Some opinions are right - others, full of fraud.

May Allah the Most Merciful accept all our good deeds and our fasting, May Allah the Most Forgiving forgive all our sins, and May Allah the Almighty join us with His righteous friends in Firdaus/Heaven near Him and His beloved Messenger Muhammad sallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Ameen.
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