Sunday, 3 May 2015

POEM: Three Types Of Acquaintances You Meet In Life

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Three groups of acquaintances you meet in life:
First are people sent, by Allah's Will, as gifts -
Who either give you good or who take your sins,
Who give you smiles or reminders that uplift -

Reminders from God that say 'you're not alone',
Look at those below you in terms of this world,
See what simple things make them smile, and do know -
Everyone has exams and stories untold.

Second are those folks who come to you to teach,
Teach you lessons which Allah wants you to learn -
Lessons learned the hard way or easy way, so
When you meet another, to teach it's your turn.

Learn from their past, present and their achievements,
Learn from their mistakes as they too learn from you,
Understanding Allah's Wisdom in all things,
And how "What goes around comes around" is true.

Third team of acquaintances who choose to stay -
Instead of disconnect offline and online -
Is a group of people who turn into friends,
Who like you sincerely or whom you admire -

These are potential friends who love you for God,
And although at times with some of them you've fought,
You forgive each other again and again,
Include one another in your good du'as.

As for those who in the past God let you meet,
Who don't wish to stay - just gave you memories -
Thoughts, which when you think about, cause you to smile -
Or learn from some people's insecurities.

Don't worry about those haters who dislike,
Who judge you and loathe you for how God made you.
Don't fret about those who refuse your friendship.
What matters is you're Muslim and God loves you.

May Allah the Most Merciful forgive me
And guide all those whom I may have wronged to Him.
Ameen. May Allah the Most Just accept us
As His friends and reunite us in Heaven.

Mariam Mababaya

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