Thursday, 30 April 2015

POEM: Some Advice From A Muslim Wife To Her Spouse

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

(MashaAllah) Just sharing a poem I wrote to my husband a few years ago:

A quick poem to my loving hubby,
Some words of advice to love Nomayri,

Love is not just physical but love is caring,
A strong emotion felt by the truly daring,

Who love also for the sake of Allah our God,
Who made us to worship Him without any fraud,

1) Fear Allah and know that God is True,
2) God wants you to be with Him (in Heaven), me and you,

So obey His Laws though some may be hard,
Do what He commands -of good deeds- Sunnah and Fard,

3) Always pray on time, especially the Fajr prayer,
So that your salahs can defend you in the Hereafter,

4) Make sure that your soul is always clean,
Free of things that God hates and which only demean,

5) If you want to pass any exam, big or small,
Study sincerely, the good you've learned -learn them all,

6) Should you miss out on something you've always wanted,
Know that Allah's love is what you should want most granted,

7) If you have God, the opinions of the world don't matter,
Those hated by God may end up as losers,

8) Know that God Allah wants to see you happy,
So if you walk through tough days it's a way to purity,

Purity of your soul, freeing it from every sin,
To guide you to Allah and be more closer to Him,

9) A Du'a: May Allah guide you, baby-Nomayri, to Imaan,
Strong faith and wisdom, and good thoughts of 'you can',

May Allah's curse be on those spies of jinns and jealous men,
Who want us divided, and are found plotting now and then,

Ameen. 10) If I did you any wrong, zawjy-Noma, please forgive,
May Allah grant you a good life that He wants you to live,

May Allah enable you to tell what's right from what is wrong,
May Allah make your heart soft and your Iman more strong,

Ameen. From your wife Mariam who stayed loyal always,
Who mentioned you in her du'as many nights and days.

May you, Dr. Nomayri, be the first and last husband for me if God Allah wills.

Love always for Allah's sake,
Your first wife Mariam Mababaya