Sunday, 3 January 2016

POEM: 15 Lessons Learned In 2015 To Share

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Fifteen lessons learned from two-thousand-fifteen,
Some lessons and thoughts to share for Allah's sake:
One - things done for Allah are blissful and sweet.
Two - one way to regret is procrastinate.

Three - don't mind what fellow servants do or say.
Allah is The Judge, Only Him we should please.
Four - feelings of sadness wipe away one's sins.
Five - more Sunnah prayers bring joy and relief.

Six - talk to Allah more, and less with His slaves.
Allah is your Only Friend Whom you can trust.
Seven - a major reason why one would hate
Is jealousy while admitting you're above.

Eight - women who accept their men wedding four
Are sisters with knowledge - free of arrogance.
Nine - loyalty, humbleness, and righteousness
Are some traits that make a wife more elegant.

Ten - while it may take time to befriend someone,
Sharing similarities can bring you close.
Trust, love, shared goals and respect invite friendship,
Whereas lies and envy can make a friend go.

Eleven - keep learning more about Islam,
As seeking knowledge strengthens your faith/Imaan.
Twelve - at times, one should not be too quick to judge.
People's situations try to understand.

Thirteen - when busy, the days go by quickly.
When idle, doing nothing, time may get slow.
Spend more time with Allah so your life is blessed.
Fourteen - to be guilt-free, keep most speech unknown.

Fifteen - those who do you good, pray for them, and
Pray too for Muslims you love for Allah's sake.
Worldwide there are best friends you have not met yet,
But you may stand next to them on Judgment Day.

May Allah Most Kind accept all our good deeds,
Forgive all our sins, bless us for our belief,
Reunite us in Heaven with our loved ones,
And see Allah smiling back at us. Ameen.

Mariam Mababaya

Wisdom Islamic School | Saudi Arabia / Philippines