Friday, 7 July 2017

POEM: Seven Signs Of Jealousy

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Signs of jealousy, in few minutes, to share,
Envy found in frenemies, foes or strangers:
One: No congrats, no kindness to show they care.
No compliments when they see you seem better.

Two: Telling lies about themselves and untruths,
Breaking promises, almost unreal with you.
Three: Not thankful, never showing gratitude.
Do them a favor and they’ll just frown at you.

Four: Treating you rudely with awful manners,
Shoving or excluding you where they gather.
Five: Joking or laughing at you whenever
You pass by them engulfed in jealous laughter.

Six: Silent with you yet with others chatty.
Quiet when you’re around while, like spies, nosy.
Seven: Suspicious of you so constantly,
Doubtful of your merits and best qualities.

Seven signs of those guilty of vile envy.
The more haters you get, the better really,
They attest to your blessings, that you’re lucky,
Charmed you’re not stuck with their insecurity.

So next time you notice those who are jealous,
Thank them inside for being your witnesses,
Envious people acknowledge you are blessed,
Not knowing that we all have gifts, joys and tests.

May Allah the Most Kind bless all that He gave,
Beautify us with good deeds and noble traits,
Allow us to enter Jannah, see His Face,
And take us smiling with love and grace. Ameen.

May Allah Almighty make us among His righteous friends whom He will welcome in Jannatul Firdaus near Him and His beloved Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Ameen. (old youtube channel)