Thursday, 9 April 2015

POEM: Dear Allah Forgive Me For My Sins

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Dear Allah, our God, the King of all self-proclaimed 'kings',
The Most Kind, the Most Forgiving of those who forgive,
Your slave stands before You with a multitude of sins,
Begging You for forgiveness while having firm belief.

I believe in the Only One God who can forgive
All of the sins I've done -the major ones and the small.
Dear Allah, I implore You to grant me Your Mercy
And to forgive me for my sins -please pardon them all.

Forgive me for the bad deeds done out of ignorance,
Forgive the sins I did secretly and in public,
Forgive my faults as I am human, all my mistakes,
Every wrongdoing, any joke, offense and gimmick.

Forgive me if any of Your servants I have hurt,
Forgive me for any good deed done incorrectly,
Forgive me too for minor sins I took for granted,
Dear Allah, please forgive me by Your utmost Mercy.

Through the good deeds I strive to do every day and night,
And each time I speak to call You by Your Greatest Names,
I pray that You'll always forgive me 'till I meet You,
Dear Allah, make Firdaus/Heaven our eternal place.

Mariam Mababaya