Thursday, 16 April 2015

POEM: He's Still My Husband Until Allah Takes Him | From His Loyal Wife

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

In the Name of Allah the All-Knowing,
The Most Wise, the Most Just, the All-Seeing,
Did you know that divorce does not take place
Between man and wife who are not willing?

If there are parties outside who envy,
As though they are spies, who try to divide
The man from his woman, who in Islam
Can be wed to up to four noble wives,

There is no divorce if they were just forced,
And to Allah they are still man and wife?
Even if it seems like he has left, I
Won't re-marry so long as he's alive -

He'll be in my dreams each day and each night,
Always in my thoughts, I stay as his wife-
If he was not right then may God bestow
Me with a better spouse in Paradise.

So I despise divorce as Allah does,
And I'm proud of being a loyal spouse -
He can marry up to four, 'tis okay,
While I pray and long for Allah's Firdaus.

My style of love? Love the man whom God gifts you until his death,
Stay loyal for Allah's sake and be the same to husband next,
Or pray that in Firdaus Allah rewards you with what is best,
I believe I'm Allah's gift to my spouse as well as his test,
Understand my choice to stay wed to him, my case I now rest.

Mariam M.
Wisdom Islamic School | Philippines | English Medium [Enrollment Ongoing]
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