Monday, 13 April 2015

POEM: MashaAllah | 15 True Facts About Me

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

For Allah's sake, so my family can know
More about me, I'll share a few random facts:
1) Alhamdulillah I'm Muslim, parents too,
About Islam they have lectured and wrote books.

2) Many schools I've been to, public and private,
In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
3) Various nationalities I've befriended,
Have traveled often by the Will of Allah.

4) In my youth I loved reading and exploring,
From newspapers to encyclopedias.
5) I have been writing poetry since my teens.
6) I am not really into makeup products.

7) I've been a 'niqaabi' since the seventh grade.
8) In eighth grade was engaged to my only spouse.
9) I've never celebrated any birthday,
Since I know that in Islam it's not allowed.

10) Friends at school could not guess I'm Filipino,
Some thought I'm Japanese, Chinese, Afghani.
11) At school I studied lots, was one of the top,
Have always hated jealous folks who'd bully.

12) The kinds of friends I think I get along with
Are Muslims who strive to strengthen their Imaan,
Through constant good deeds, great manners, du'as, and
Through seeking and sharing knowledge of Islam.

13) My personality: aloof when I loathe,
Talkative when delighted about something,
Generous when I have a lot to give, and
With those I care about -loyal and loving.

14) Way back I wanted to learn psychology,
Then my parents, who knew more, taught me Islam -
Master's Degree in Islamic Studies, yet
Still learning, as there's so much to understand.

15) My name is Mariam -in English Mary. I've
Three brothers, no sisters, and I'm a first wife.
May Allah Almighty always forgive me,
And join me with His loved ones in Paradise.

Mariam Mababaya

Wisdom Islamic School | Philippines | English Medium