Friday, 20 February 2015

.:. Acrostic Poem To My One And Only Husband

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Allah always knows best.

An acrostic poem especially for my one and only husband
Dear Nomayri:

Nomayri, my spouse whom Allah gave me as a trust -
Or an obstacle of love... Oracle of lessons -
My only husband to whom loyalty stays a must,
And whom I love for Allah's sake for many reasons,
You're the only husband for me I believe, though our
Relation to some seems vague -you're spouse to more than one.
In my view, your smiles are my joy while I'm your treasure,
(With Allah's Will I love you still and you're my only husband.)

~Mariam And Nomayri Mababaya

Among a Muslim's best treasures is a righteous Muslim wife; with Taqwa she takes care of him, his honor and belongings and even if there is one thing about her you may despise she has myriad qualities which the husband finds attractive. Also, the religious Muslim wife always understands her hubby's wants and needs. Whoever is married to a pious Muslimah by Allah's Mercy is indeed lucky and fortunate. Allahu A'lam.

Wasalaam :)