Wednesday, 25 February 2015

POEM: Just A Friendly Invitation To Islam

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Through the Grace of the One and Only True God,
You are invited to His Mercy -Islam:
The religion which many misunderstand,
But only due to the whispers of satan,
God's archenemy and foe to jinn and man.

We invite you to Islam out of mercy,
Because we care -since True Muslims are caring.
True Muslim servants of Allah love sharing,
Do only what's right and hate sins like lying,
Shun tyranny, injustice and bullying.

Islam means peaceful submission to God's Will -
Allah's Will is that we worship none but Him,
The Master Who made us all and everything,
Who to each place sent special men as Prophets
To call mankind to bow down to Only Him.

Be open-minded and, about Islam, read.
That not all Muslims are bad, please understand.
Muslims are humans, prone to making mistakes.
Accept Islam not because of some Muslim,
But because it's the Truth, Light and Gift from God.

Islam is the Only Way to Heaven and Faith of God's Prophets from Adam,
Abraham, Noah, Jonah, Jacob Joseph, David, Solomon and Moses,
To Jesus and Muhammad -They all believed in Allah the Only One God.

~Wasalaam :)
Written by Mariam Mababaya

Wisdom Islamic School