Thursday, 26 February 2015

POEM: Some Of The Qualities Of A Good Country

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

What are the things that would make a country
Good? What qualities does each country need?
In just forty lines I’ll try to answer -
In no specific order –just take heed:

Good countries are run by good leaders, yes,
Good leaders make sure their countries are safe,
Without harming themselves and others –these
Men know how to lead in just and wise ways.

A good country is a country in which
Its residents are well-educated,
Safe, in harmony with one another,
And no one in it is subjugated.

Its people are at peace with each other,
Despite their religious differences,
No one is allowed to bash another,
No war, lies, crimes and no selfish motives.

Its government and people stay sincere,
Helping each other in positive ways,
So all in this country would be well-off,
Happy in a country that’s clean always.

They all shun violence and forbid what
Can harm. They encourage only what’s good -
Faith, trust, honesty, friendliness, respect,
Not leaving anyone misunderstood.

The prices of goods in this country would
Not be in un-affordable prices,
The lives of all in this country would be
Good –no one complains of any crisis.

How can countries attain such qualities?
I believe –by shunning what leads to sin,
By shunning evil traits like arrogance
And deceit which can ruin anything.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could proudly
Say that you’re from a country that’s so good -
A country where its people feel blessed, where
You can sense a strong sense of brotherhood -

Where everyone here is like family,
Regardless of how we don’t look the same -
It would be cool to be from a country
Of good morals that’s proud of its own name.

Written by Mariam Mababaya