Thursday, 12 February 2015

POEM: Anti-Bullying (Bullying: Sign of Jealousy)

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful 

You know, when some people are rude to you, 
When they don't listen or give you your rights, 
When they strive to make you look or feel bad -
You know that they envy each day and night. 

They see you above them -themselves below, 
So they try to pull you with false ego-
Yet how foolish they are they do not know-
How their envy is all that they can show. 

From what you love they want you to be far, 
What makes you smile they too want it away -
Even your smiles they intensely envy, 
Which is why they work to see you dismayed. 

Those who give off rudeness from jealousy,  
Do not mind them, yet thank them gracefully  -
Such jealous beings saw the good in thee -
 Your gifts from God and personality.

Be grateful that there are jealous folks who
Notice in you good things some cannot see. 
To prove that you're confident, not jealous, 
Display good manners and never bully.

~Written by Mariam Mababaya