Sunday, 1 February 2015

POEM: Five Things If All Have (InshaAllah) Then Peace On Earth (Allah knows best)

Five advice in this poem, O’ Muslim -
From human to human, for Allah’s sake:
One: Be thankful for God’s gifts vast and clear;
Know that many don’t have what you can take.

When it comes to material, worldly things -
Things that cannot come with you to your grave,
Look at those below you and really think,
You’re in a good state in so many ways.

Two: Always put yourself in others’ shoes
The action that you wish to do to them -
Would you let others do that to you too -
To your loved ones would it be a problem?

What they do and say would you do the same
If you were in their place and facing you?
Strive to understand people’s various states -
What you do to some may come back to you.

Three: When God gives you talent, use it well -
Your skills and means –use them to save others.
Yes, Earth can be a better place to dwell
If all showed mercy to one another.

If God gave you so much of many things,
Then for His sake share them with those in need.
If you can’t help, yet have good intention,
Your good du’as for them may even feed.

Four: Don’t walk on earth boasting with cursed pride
To hurt those whom you think are inferior.
We’re servants made to worship day and night –
Worship God, the King and the Creator.

Don’t show off what does not belong to you,
Don’t flaunt the things which you don’t truly own,
Don’t brag to hurt those who are close to you -
Proud sinners may have to call Hell their home.

Five: Avoid the bad kind of pride despised -
The pride which prevents you from believing,
The pride that forces you to even lie,
And leaves you lost and far condescending -

The pride that makes you hate high forgiveness
And makes you deem that you are free of flaws.
Good pride… is when you’re proud you are Muslim,
Proud that you've heard and obey Allah's Call,

You’re proud that you’re among Allah’s close friends,
Proud in obeying God each night and day,
Proud that you can stay away from vile sins,
Proud that you’re not with those who are astray.

P.S. One more note: Remember ‘Niyyah’.
Our actions are judged by their intentions.
Do good deeds just for the sake of Allah.
Behind all acts must be a good reason.

So five things if all have then… peace on earth:
Faith, humbleness, and sweet understanding,
Love of God, who should always be the First -
And hope that Heaven’s where you shall land in.

~Wasalaam :)
Written by Mariam Mababaya
Wisdom Islamic School