Monday, 16 March 2015

POEM: Du'as May Change Destiny / What Goes Around Comes Around

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

The Du’a of a Muslim is a treasure,
Did you know that when a Muslim prays for you…
For nice things you’ve done to them, any favor,
What they pray for you will by God’s Will come true.

Acts of kindness you show to a Muslim friend,
When you help a Muslim, even guide his way,
And that Muslim prays for you right there and then,
Allah will listen to whatever they say -

“O’ Allah, he gave me this, so give him too.”
“She stood up for me. Allah, please bless her life.”
“They were great hosts. Allah, bless their wealth and food.”
“He helped a lot! Allah, grant him a good wife.”

Du’as of Muslims for you are blessings, yes -
So much so that du’as can change destiny.
Now when you do something bad to a Muslim,
Their du’as may affect you negatively -

Whether that Muslim is righteous or not so,
So long as you’ve oppressed them, du'as are heard.
As long as they’re Muslims who cry to Allah,
Allah will answer them; God is Just and Near.

If you steal from a Muslim, if you annoy,
If you do things which that Muslim does not like,
If their name and honor you spoil and destroy,
If them you mock, laugh at, lie to, and backbite…

And they turn to Allah, raise their hands and cry,
They supplicate to God, praying against you…
And they pray against you every day and night,
Beware… their bad wishes for you may come true -

Don’t laugh, for if you do, shaytan laughs at you.
The du’as against someone is big indeed…
For once one complains, Allah’s Justice is true.
Every act, good or bad, is just like a seed -

Plant a good seed, it will grow even better.
Plant a bad seed and it will affect your life -
Sins bring forth evil to their evildoers -
Sins you must shun, and to do good you should strive.

So whoever I’ve wronged may Allah forgive,
May Allah forgive me and forgive them too.
One whom Muslims pray against can’t truly live -
Pray for whom you’ve wronged, quit sins you used to do.

Du’as are heard –regardless of who you are,
When Muslims pray for you, ‘tis a blessing, yes.
When Muslims complain to God against you for
Wronging them –compensate, don’t fail Allah’s test.

The du’a… is a very powerful thing -
The du’as of Muslims can change destiny -
When they pray for you or even against you -
Du’as can bring forth trouble or harmony.

So be watchful of your deeds, never mistreat,
Don’t bully Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
For when any slave complains to God, the One -
Allah knows how to fix things at the right time.

~Written by Mariam Mababaya
Wisdom Islamic School