Thursday, 5 March 2015

POEM: The Friends I Haven't Met Yet

In the Name of Allah,
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Oftentimes I've dreamt of friends I know not,
Yet in those dreams we spoke as though we're close.
We let each other know that by God's Will
 We'll meet in Heaven. Firdaus is our goal.

They're brothers and sisters around the globe,
 True Muslims -brothers with thick yet neat beards,
Sisters in black with the modest niqaab,
Wherever they are their duas are heard,

They enjoin right, forbid wrong when they can,
By good manners and wisdom they are known,
Injustice they hate, truthfulness they love,
Always with Allah, they never feel lone.

Special deeds they do which others do not:
Praying on time, many Sunnah prayers,
Lots of smiles, helping only in what's good,
Haters of fakes, they don't mix with liars.

Sincerity adds light to their faces,
Friendly and trustworthy describe them well,
They love to share when they have aplenty,
Bullies they try to stop, lies they don't tell,

Even if around some of them are those
Who sin, they choose not to follow the crowd,
These Muslim friends worldwide I haven't met
Yet stay loyal and of Islam are proud.

May Allah the Most Merciful unite
All of us with Him in Firdaus above.
May Allah greet us as He smiles at us
For the good deeds we shared out of His Love.

"Islam is to peacefully submit to Allah's Will and His Will is that we worship none but Him."

~Written by Mariam Mababaya