Tuesday, 10 March 2015

POEM: Sonnet "Evidence Of Obvious Jealousy"

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

"So they're jealous." Some signs of jealousy:
That man, he envies when he belies Truth.
That kid is jealous when she's unfriendly.
Their jealousy only their lies can sooth.

That lady -she's jealous, when she is mean.
All they they do is resort to bullying.
When the jealous envy like silly teens,
They assume the truthful are just lying.

Yes, their envy is proven through their acts -
When they lie, steal, or bark insults at you,
When they negate your truths and awesome facts,
And try to bring you down so one is two.

To deal with them: Thank God they let you know -
You are better than them and they've been owned.

~Written by Mariam Mababaya
Allah knows best. If you're sure of yourself, stay cool, be friendly, smile and lift others up.
When some are jealous, all they do is bully and try to bring others down
so those they envy yet secretly admire reach their level of absurdity and ignorance.