Friday, 6 March 2015

POEM: The Qualities Of Good Da'ees/Da'eeyahs (Inviters To Islam)

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

The first quality of a good da'ee -
Is Ikhlaas: Sincere acts for Allah's sake;
Call others to Islam and teach Muslims
Out of mercy, for God's sake, not for fame.

Gratefulness to Allah is to thank Him
For guiding us to the true faith Islam,
For the blessings that He gave which we know
And good things we may not yet understand.

Devotion to Allah is to love Him
And pray to Him as He should be worshiped,
Love Allah as He loves His true servants
Who with Allah's Love stay true and guided.

A proof of one's love for Allah is to
Constantly remember Him and His Names,
Day and night say the adhkaar and du'as -
Frequent Dhikr is a sign of one's faith.

Fear of Allah is to respect His rules,
And shun whatever leads to His anger,
Hope of Allah is to wish for His Love -
That Heaven is one's abode forever.

To Trust Allah is to believe in Him,
That all His Mighty Names are indeed True,
For as long as you know that there is God,
You know that what God does is best for you.

Show mercy and kindness as good da'ees,
For whatever goes around comes around.
To earn Allah's Mercy and Guidance, be
Merciful and just to those you surround.

Love those whom Allah loves -those who love Him.
Unite with true Muslims for Allah's sake.
Good da'ees love whatever Allah loves,
Despise satan, and loathe what Allah hates.

Allah is the True God, Islam is Truth,
Allah especially loves the truthful,
So when doing Da'wah, speak only truth,
Of what you say, share and do, be careful.

Shun all lies and doing any bid'ah,
As bid'ah is false; falsehood leads to Hell.
Likewise avoid suspicion and envy -
What others go through only God can tell.

Do Da'wah with wisdom, be organized,
Stay neat for Allah loves those who are clean.
Good da'ees think with their minds not desires,
Know both how to lead and work in a team.

Good da'ees stay patient when doing good,
Steadfast in calling people to the truth,
They persevere in avoiding evil,
Even if God's believers may seem few.

While doing Da'wah with wisdom and love,
We never force Islam on any soul;
What matters is we share Allah's Message,
Stay Muslims, and as God's friends do our role.

~Written by Mariam Mababaya
Based on my mother's book (May Allah the Most Merciful always have Mercy on her. Ameen.)
"Da'wah According to the Qur'an and Prophet's Sunnah"

Da'wah means to call or invite people to Islam out of mercy,
to help them discover the truth and distinguish it from falsehood.
It is only an invitation; Muslims never force Islam on others,
they only share as sharing is caring and Allah bestows His Mercy on those who are merciful to others. Allah knows best.