Monday, 9 March 2015

POEM: Many Lessons Learned As A Student

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Bismillah... With Allah's Name I start this piece -
About the type of students I've been at school -
Not to humbly brag nor to entice envy...
Just for Allah's sake sharing notes from my youth,
To thank God for His gifts, and lessons for you:

At nursery, one of my brothers and I
Were sent to a small school, like one's residence.
There we had many parties, played games, made crafts -
First time at school, as a kid, may have been tense -
Though we learned to enjoy learning as time passed.

For kindergarten, my brother and I then
Studied at Al-Yamama National School -
With God's Will I learned to read Arabic there -
Learned how Arabs come in various looks and hair...
All the facilities there I thought were cool.

Although there I had fun playing with the kids,
Playing group games and in the yard running games,
There were a few times when a few kids bullied,
They'd mock my nationality and my name,
With God's Grace God helped me choose to stay okay.

Some lessons learned from studying at that school:
Though there may be bullies, good people exist.
To learn a language, be around its speakers.
When some kids ridicule, it's because they're kids,
They're badly brought up or they don't know some rules.

After fifth grade, when this girl would still bully -
Quite often stealing from my pocket money,
My loving parents after all their complaints,
Transferred me to a Saudi government school -
Classrooms were huge and students oh so many.

Alhamdulillah there were no bullies there,
Though still there was one girl who'd oft pick on me,
Not for my looks nor my nationality,
But for a joke which she took so seriously.
From then on I tried to shun all irony.

At the public schools I'd say I did quite well,
With Allah's Mercy I was an achiever -
Studied hard, was one of the top ten in class,
Often speaking on stage with a loud speaker,
And for some was a bit of a trendsetter:

Some lessons learned at that Saudi public school:
When some people like you, they'll try to follow -
True friends don't mind wearing the same clothes or style.
To do well at school, listen and be thorough.
Do your work, don't put it off for tomorrow.

At that school, I may have been a top student,
But should there be one subject I hate it's Math.
As Math was getting tougher in Arabic,
Escapades at Arab schools didn't long last.
So I moved to another, where things changed fast.

To Manarat Ar-Riyadh Schools I was moved,
The school from which my brothers graduated.
Because of the big change in environment,
Had low self-esteem, was by a clique hated -
I took a one-year-break when I felt dislocated.

During that pause, I went to Daar Adh-Dhikr,
An institute for Muslim sisters like me,
Where I got so much knowledge about Islam,
The Glorious Qur'an how to properly read,
And information I knew not beforehand.

Classes there took place twice or three times a week.
There I learned to mingle with older people.
During that year my loving parents tried to
Have me at Cambridge Academy home schooled,
Yet stopped so soon when Math for me was trouble.

After my experience at Daar Adh-Dhikr,
My parents decided I go to real school -
Middle East International School was next,
Where strangely as a newbie friendship came quick,
Was best friends with a girl who loved acting 'cool'.

Due to influence I was made a bully,
Not to others -for to them I was a friend.
Quite snobbish was I and mean to this one girl,
Since hearing from her an unwanted comment.
Lesson: 'Tis wiser at times to stay silent.

At M.E.I.S. so many things happened,
Phases we went through that should not be discussed.
To share lessons from that I feel is a must:
The teen years are delicate. So parents, please take care.
To all, choose your friends wisely or yourself you might cuss.

Don't make fun of how someone was created.
Don't even laugh at how a person may smell.
What goes around comes around. Allah's Justice is True.
Tales and gossip, lies and rumors, never tell -
E'en as a joke, don't lie -or else bid friendship farewell.

True friendship has no barrier and secrets;
Secrets shared with some friends may be news to spread.
Barriers restrict -restrictions bring silence.
Silence in friendship makes a friend's needs unmet.
When that happens, lies and lack of trust are wed.

After those moments of immature drama,
My beloved parents transferred me once more -
To another school where the first year went well -
Playing soccer, volleyball, earning high scores,
Exchanging stuff with friends, playing games when bored -

Until the following grade at the same school
Did some things begin to change because of a mistake -
Mistake of being a self-centered braggart,
Whose endless boasting may cause others to hate.
Some girls turned distant since telling them I was engaged.

I was engaged then to the man I'm wed to today.
Alhamdulillah, although I've done many mistakes,
I say, a wise person learns from his errors,
Takes notice of the faults that some people make,
Shares his lessons with others so all can do better.

A recap of what I've learned as a student:
Bullies may have been bullied in the past -understand.
To help them, help them smile, offer sound advice.
Stay nice for Allah's sake, not by popular demand.
Proofs that your parents care? When they guide and reprimand.

For friendship to develop, no secrets should be kept.
If you love some, let them know, before you greet regret.
Show that you love them through caring, sharing and advice.
'Till you meet Allah, seek His Forgiveness day and night.
Be so close to Allah; with Him don't be shy to cry.

You and I are lessons; from each other we can learn.
This life's a test -pass it with good deeds and right belief.
May Allah the Most Forgiving forgive all our sins,
And make Firdaus/Uppermost Heaven where we will meet.
May Allah make us among His friends. Ameen. Ameen.

Life is learning one step at a time, to find the ways to God the Most Sublime. Allah knows best.

~Written by Mariam Mababaya
Wisdom Islamic School