Thursday, 12 March 2015

POEM: Be Grateful To God For The Gift Of Islam

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

SubhanAllah, when someone gives you a gift,
You are touched and feel entitled to return -
To give back their kindness with much heartfelt thanks,
With another gift or advice you have learned.

There are many kinds of gifts you can give them:
A good gift they've always asked for and wanted,
A gift a bit similar to what they gave,
Or a present you hope they'll love and won't dread,

Gift of knowledge from which they can benefit,
Gift of hugs and many thanks out of mercy,
Gift of support and helping them reach their goals,
Gift of time -being there, so they're not lonely,

Gift of listening, a shoulder to cry on,
Gift of guidance -so you pull them towards right,
Gift of friendship, loving them for Allah's sake,
Including them in your du'as day and night.

So when receiving gifts, always say 'Thank you!'
"JazaakAllahu Khair" is even better.
Include them in your du'as, and when you can,
Return their favor -gift them some time later.

Now regarding the most prime relationship -
Your relation with our Creator Allah,
Do all your obligations for Allah's sake,
Shun sins and He'll reward you inshaAllah.

There are many gifts that God Allah gave you,
The greatest of them is the gift of Islam.
As a grateful servant of Allah, keep it
And share it with all, as often as you can.

Enjoin right, forbid wrong whenever you can,
Love what Allah loves, and hate all that He hates,
More Sunnahs, all acts just for Allah's sake, and
By God's Will you can meet Him by Heaven's Gates.

May Allah the Most Merciful accept us
As His friends, and guide us to Firdaus/Heaven.
Ameen. My gift to all: Learn Islam, love it,
Share it, and with Allah's Gifts feel enlivened.

~Written by Mariam Mababaya
Wisdom Islamic School

My Mom's book (May Allah have mercy on her always and grant her Firdaus/Heaven) Ameen~
"Da'wah According to the Qur'an
and the Prophet Muhammad's Sunnah"

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